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Anne Greenwood Brown

My  first book was titled “Agatha the Witch.”  My dad published it for me on his office copier, and I distributed the book to the kids on my street.  From then on, I tried in fits and starts to get published again, experimenting with historical fiction, commercial fiction, and short stories before settling in to a MG/YA niche.

I am represented by Jacquie Flynn of Joëlle Delbourgo Associates, Inc., and my debut novel, LIES BENEATH, will be published by Random House (Delacorte Press) in the summer of 2012 (Francoise Bui, editor). I am also a guest blogger on Writer Unboxed and a regular blogger on BookEndBabes.

I live in Minnesota with my amazingly patient husband and our three above-average children.

5 responses to “About Me

  1. Deede

    Congratulations all around. This will be fun to follow. Another club you can start is the QUTE (quote using for emphasis): “one of my pet peeves”. Also the use of each and every.

  2. Good morning,
    As a new writer struggling with my own query letter -#194, (currently under revision by the QS) I was helped tremendously by your comments on 1/1/11 to query #193. And you should patent and sell your template.
    Thanks for your help,
    Tim Weller

  3. EBS

    What wonderful news…..your parents must be really proud!

  4. I just read Lies Beneath and am writing a book review. I am 72 and enjoyed the entire book. I was disappointed with the ending, but understand why it ended that way. Was Weasel ever published by anyone?

    • Thanks, Michael. Did you get the book through Net Galley, or did you get your hands on a print ARC?

      LIES BENEATH ends the way it does because there is a sequel, DEEP BETRAYAL, which comes out in March 2013!

      FOR WEASEL has yet to be published. I’ll probably pursue it once the LIES BENEATH series comes to a close.

      Thanks for your interest!
      (By the way, this blog is old, and I don’t use it anymore. If you’re interested, my new website is at: http://annegreenwoodbrown.com)

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