Premium, Omnibus, and Everyman — Oh my!

If I ever doubted the need for a literary agent (and, actually, I never did), those doubts were put aside upon my first glance at my publishing contract. Gah! I mean, I work with contracts on a daily basis, and this thing was a monster!

First off, I thought I was fairly well educated about industry norms, but I was completely unprepared for the amount of detail that goes into these things. Do you know what “premium use” is? “Omnibus” versions? How about the “Everyman Library?”  The difference between “Electronic Book” and “Electronic Version?” You did? Well I didn’t.

Now, after an hour long phone call with my agent, I do, and I’m relieved to know she’s got my back. (Never really doubted that either.) I even get some input into the book cover (something called “meaningful consultaton”), which doesn’t mean veto power but means more than “mind your own business.” Truly, the cover is a huge deal to me. I can’t wait until I get to post it on this blog. But for now . . . big sigh of relief that this part is done and now it’s off to think about EDITS, which should be here any day!

In the meantime I am writing my Acknowledgments page like “Thank you to everyone who has ever been nice to me, who has laughed at my jokes, or told me I looked taller, thinner, or younger in person. Thank you to the really cute boy at Dunn Brothers who makes my lattes, even though you called me “Ma’am” and broke my heart. xoxo


P.S. Yeah, I know that video clip is obnoxious, but I couldn’t help myself.


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