Identity Crisis

I’m in a real conundrum about my name. Officially, it is Anne Greenwood Brown. Before I was married it was Anne Greenwood Smith. Greenwood is my grandmother’s maiden name, and I’ve always felt it gave a little “color” to an otherwise generic sounding name. Obviously, when I got married I didn’t want to be Anne Smith Brown. Boooorrrrring.

In the last week, since the whole book deal announcement, I’ve noticed my name popping up in many different ways. Goodreads has me as “Anne Greenwood Brown,” my agent’s website has me as “Anne Brown,” and Publisher’s Weekly referred to me as “Anne G. Brown.” Clearly, there has to be some consistency–and soon!

My editor votes for Anne Brown because my whole name would have to be very small to fit on a book cover, but she’s leaving it up to me and Jacquie. There are other Anne Browns out there on Amazon (not writing my kind of book, but there it is).

Any opinions on which way to go? I’m having a real identity crisis here.



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9 responses to “Identity Crisis

  1. anne brown is good if you want to stay hidden, but to get your name ‘out there’ and remembered, i vote for anne greenwood brown. (or, you can always go the rowling route – a.g. brown.) just my 2 cents worth ; )

  2. Go with Ann Brown. Yes, it is generic and there are other authors with the same name, but the name is short and strong and has a great ring to it. Also, if the other Ann Browns are not well known and don’t write in your genre, then you will become THE Ann Brown.

  3. Well, after much debate, it’s settled on Anne Greenwood Brown. More unique. And it should fit on the cover. Laurie Halse Anderson has one more character in her name than mine–and she sure has done well for herself!

  4. I just read this and came up with liking 3 names before I even read your decision. I have opted for Amy Sue Nathan because there are other Amy Nathans out there — one is even a children’s book author (she was none too pleased when she discovered me, so I added in my middle name).

    Congrats and good luck!!! 🙂

  5. brent holt

    Looks like my nomination comes too late, but nonetheless, after the fact, i nominate A. Greenwood Brown.

  6. You’re so lucky to have two colors in your name!! I wish I had one but… stuck with two uncolorful-AND-generic names! Great choice to go for the 3! I will follow your good reasoning and do the same (if/when fortunate enough to make the book choice!).

  7. I love the Anne Greenwood Brown option. I’m keeping my whole middle name, even though in some places, like my blog and my someday website, it will be Elissa J. Hoole for space constraints. And then I’m elissajanine on twitter…consistency fail, I guess. I like my middle name, and it’s more “mine” that the Hoole part, which is my married name. I thought about using my maiden name, but I do actually want my former students to be able to track down my book(s) (when they’re much, much older, lol!).

    ugh, who knew a name could be so complicated? would I still smell as sweet??

    (also yeah, I know I’m commenting on an old post, and the issue is settled, but I can’t stop myself because I think author naming processes are fascinating, and I missed this post earlier, ha!)

  8. You went with my choice. Can’t wait to see your name on your book!!!

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