Insomnia: The Sequel

Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way complaining. My gosh, my feet still haven’t touched the ground in almost two weeks! But the thing about a two-book deal is . . . (wait for it) . . . I have to write a second book. And writing on demand is very new territory for me. Very new. Very scary.

I have until October to turn in the manuscript to my editor so that’s about two more months than I needed for LIES BENEATH, but on top of that there will be revisions to that book, so time management is going to be key. And, at least for me, planning to write takes quite a bit of time.

First stop: Office Max to buy a white board and new dry erase markers. I’ve mapped out my themes and the conflicts. I’ve also listed out my world building details from LIES BENEATH so I can maintain consistency in Book Two (WATER LILY). I’ve also mapped out the characters’ external and internal conflicts.

Next Stop: Kitchen Table with a stack of index cards and a ball point pen. (I dabble in Scrivenor but I find I’m hard pressed to give up my low tech tools.) Here, I hit all the big plot points and arrange them in order, filling in with different story lines, arranging them into something that makes some basic sense.

Third Stop: The computer to outline the whole book, as well various characters’ back stories. The outline is important because I don’t like to write chronologically straight through, but rather jump around as the inspiration strikes.

The first weekend (Thursday night-Sunday night), I wrote 10,000 words. That set the standard. Now I figure, without major interruption, I could have a complete first draft in 6 more weekends. That is if I can stop writing about the process of writing and get down to business. See ya.

Oh–and feel free to check in and hold me accountable. If I fall off track I want a serious tongue lashing . . . or a Martini. Whichever.


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