Strategic Wish Fulfillment

You might think this is bad timing, but let’s talk about resolutions. Sure, I know, I hate those blasted holiday jumpers just as much as the next guy (Christimas decorations before Halloween? Are you kiding me?), but there is actually some method behind my badness.

Thanksgiving–to be ridiculously obvious–is the time for giving thanks, and for me that means looking back on the year to see what I achieved, which, in turn, means taking a look at the goals I set for myself last year.

Last year, I gleefully dumped the annual resolution to lose the baby weight (I mean, let’s get real, “Baby” entered fifth grade this year) and focused in on resolutions that were a bit out of my control but would bring me great joy and satisfaction if achieved.

So, I focused on my writing.

“This is my year,” I said.  Picture Al Franken (my senator by the way) looking in the mirror doing his Stewart Smalley Daily Affirmations on SNL. “This is the year I get a literary agent. This is the year I get published.” Again, two goals over which I had little control. The only thing I could control was how hard I worked for it.

So work I did. Every lunch hour, every night, all through the weekend. Sure, the dishes piled up.  Sure, I had people express surprise when I was actually seen out, socially, in public. But you know what? It paid off. Writer Unboxed pick me as a guest blogger, my first piece of creative writing got published in Literary Mama, and agent Jacquie Flynn called and said she loved my middle grade novel, FOR WEASEL.  For all this, I am extremely thankful.

So today, I give thanks for the joy of hard work, and I give thanks for the people in my life who recognized it.  But that’s not all this post is about.

For me, it’s time to set new goals (January first is cliche and “so last season”). More than that, it’s time to set goals that are just a wee bit out of reach. I don’t want to set myself up to fail, but I do want to stretch. My goals this year–yes, I’m just that stupid to say them out loud–are as follows:

1. Have my first book accepted for publication;

2. Get another short story or essay published in a literary magazine;

3. Mentor/ Support a new writer; and

4. Encourage my kids in their own writing.

There. That should keep me busy.

What are your goals? Don’t be afraid. Say them out loud then let’s cheer each other on.


(Now back to work.)



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3 responses to “Strategic Wish Fulfillment

  1. First, I’m thankful we met!

    My goal is to have a rough draft a novel by this time next year!

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  3. Elizabeth

    These are outrageous goals and not surprisingly – ones I believe you can actually accomplish. God speed oh greater one.

    All my love,
    The Lesser One.

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