Lexicon Shmexicon

Earlier today there was an online news story about the Oxford English Dictionary’s newest additions–the Freshman class, if you will, of the English language. I voiced my dismay on Twitter that “chillax” and “bromance” were among the new entrants. You might be interested to know that “staycation” and “frenemy” also made the list.

You may be even more interested to know that “cankle” did not fair as well. (Alas poor cankle, I knew thee well.)

Other twitterers (don’t get me started) voiced their own agony, but someone from the Loft Literary Center cited the ever-growing nature of the English language and suggested we go with the flow.

You know what? I’m okay with that. Really I am. I mean, Shakespeare invented how many new words? Who’s to argue with Will?

So here are my suggestions for next year’s Freshman class:

  • Bblintz: (noun) Stubborn belly button lint. May come with cream filling.


  • Tilt-o-Hurl: (noun) 1. Poorly assembled county fair ride. 2. Category of personal injury lawsuits where defendant is typically under insured.


  • B’shmear: (noun) The multicolored smudge left on a kitchen window from psychotic male Cardinal who keeps attacking his own reflection (see also sado masochist); (verb) The act of attacking one’s self (b’shmeared; b’shmearing)

What else y’got?


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