Querying Too Early

Are you chomping at the bit to send out your query?  Everything you’ve ever read tells you not to rush into the querying process.  So how do you know when it’s time to send that puppy out the door?  It goes without saying that the manuscript must be complete.  After that, here are my personal standards:

1. Can I answer these questions about my protagonist? (Click on link)

2. Is the conflict believable and important?

3. Have I had at least two NON-RELATIVES WHO ARE ALSO WRITERS read my manuscript?

4. Have I considered their comments and applied everything that makes sense?

5. Is the first sentence of Chapter One as enticing, compelling, and delicious as possible?

6. Does the last line of every chapter make the reader want to turn the page?

7. Am I within the appropriate word count for the genre?

8. Have I rid my manuscript of unnecessary THATs, JUSTs, SOs, VERYs, ALMOSTs, NEARLYs, etc.?

9. Have I rid my manuscript of passive voice (unless there’s a really good reason for leaving it in)?

10. Have I come to a point where all I’m doing is moving a comma back and forth?

Even when I’ve done everything I can, it’s still nerve wracking.  Here it goes . . . deep breath . . . (*hits send*)


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