A Writer’s Field Trip

Picking up where I left off on my fun art project day . . . this weekend I’m headed up to the location where my WIP is set, a small town on the shores of Lake Superior.  I find that when I’m writing, my head is full of action and dialogue, but when it comes to the sensory details everything is a little flat.  If I really focus on the images in my head, they tend toward the gray and two dimensional.   I suppose it’s akin to some people dreaming in color and others in black-and-white.  I’m your basic two-tone girl.

So, it’s up to the lake with my handy notebook, to close my eyes and listen.  To hear the gulls, and the waves, and the tourists’ chatter.  To smell the charcoal grills and rotting fish.  Then, when I’ve got my fill, I’ll press my nose to a pine tree and really study the texture of the bark.  Okay, maybe that’s a bit much.  But you know what I mean.  I can’t wait to get there.  I only hope my family doesn’t start to think poor ol’ mom has finally lost it.

So if anyone out there is listening, what is most clear in your head when you’re writing.  The voices?  The action?  The visual aspect of the setting?  Or are you gifted with full sensory overload?  If the latter, color me green with envy.


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  1. We are very similar — I always hear the characters’ talking to each other, and know what’s about to happen next. But, I really have to work at setting so my reader’s have something to picture other than a dark void! Best to you~

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