It’s a Major Award! (And no, it’s not a Fra-gee-lay Lady Leg Lamp)

Huh.  Imagine you wake up one morning and find that you’ve won a Kreativ Blogger Award from your Twitter friend, Jamie Miles. . . not exactly sure what that means but I guess there are plenty of worse ways to wake up!  Plus, she called me talented, and I never say no to flattery.

Above all, this “Kreativ Blogger Award” is a good way just to see what everyone else is writing about–so if that’s appealing to you, read on.

So, thank you, Jamie.  Love your blog, too!  Jamie is a fallen-away lawyer (probably best decision of her life!) and now is a columnist and freelance writer.  Plus she’s a southern belle who actually has garden parties.  You can check her out at:

On with the rules, which must be followed:

1. Post the award on your blog.

2. Give a thank you shout out to the lovely person who bestowed the Major Award upon you.

3. Pass the award on to (up to) seven people who you think deserve the title of Kreativ Blogger.  I pick:

Kristan Hoffman at who is not only darling but very funny and hell-bent on getting her novel Twenty Somewhere published this year!! who makes some very informative posts on the writing experience and comes from one of the most beautiful little towns on the Mississippi River.  Plus, when you’ve got “creative” in your name, you must be deserving of the prestigious Kreativ Blogger award.  Right?

4. Name seven things about yourself that others don’t know:

* When I was 12 it was my job to kill the family chickens. (haven’t been able to look at them since)

* I’m terrified of meet-and-greet cocktail parties (small talk gives me the creeps).

* I was a bone marrow donor for a cancer patient in Germany (perfect genetic match).

* I’m not blind, but I can read/write braille (long story).

* In college, I staged a toga party on the steps of the Pantheon in Rome (ugly American).

* I was a ski instructor when I was 18 (but haven’t been able to afford skiing ever since I lost my employee discount)

* Everyone in my family has red hair and we get greeted on the street with “The Weasleys I presume?” on a regular basis. (annoying)

5. Finally, don’t forget to notify your bloggers about their award and post a link to their blog.



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3 responses to “It’s a Major Award! (And no, it’s not a Fra-gee-lay Lady Leg Lamp)

  1. AWW about the chickens. Do you still eat them?

    And wow, about being a marrow donor. I heard that’s painful…?

    Thanks so much for the award, girl!

  2. Kristan- I eat them with glee! They were villainous creatures who chased me around the barnyard and pecked at my ankles. However, I’m not entirely vengeful; I would still prefer all chickens to get free range. : )

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