I Am Writing Dialogue

I’m writing really fast these days.  Why?  Because the story is so DONE in my head I’ve got to get it down before it evaporates, or gets curdy, or whatever ideas do when they sit in your head too long. I’m writing so fast I don’t have time for  lovingly coddled descriptions on flora and fauna, or coming up with kick ass metaphors.  I’m writing dialogue.  Page after page after page.  There’s something about dialogue that just moves a story forward like nothing else.  Sure, I’ll go back and fill in all the anxious expressions, soft breezes, rolls of nausea, but right now I’M WRITING DIALOGUE!!!!!  It’s my favorite thing to do because it can be so revealing, plus(!) it’s the part I love to read.  Honestly, when I’m reading a book, sometimes I skip over large blocks of narrative just to get to the next conversation.  So, just because I’m so dang excited, here’s a bit of dialogue from a chapter I wrote tonight.

“Something’s bugging you, Calder.   You didn’t come out to the island last night.”


“So, I know you.  You always want to be alone when something’s on your mind.”

“Maybe I just like to be alone.”

“Hey, I get it, you not wanting to be around Ren all the time.  She’s a little . . . intense.  It can get exhausting feeding off that kind of energy all day.  But I don’t think that’s it.  You don’t see something going wrong with the plan do you?  Do you think we should just make this a quick hit?”

“No!  No.  I mean, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the plan.  It’s just going to take a little longer with this girl than I originally thought.”

“So?  What’s her name?” Pavati finally asked with an exhale.  She smelled like pine trees, fish, and . . . pipe tobacco.

“Where’ve you been, Pav?”

“Never mind.”

I leaned in and gave her good sniff. “A grandpa?”

She looked sheepish.  “Ten grandchildren.  They called him Paw-paw.  Sent him off with a picnic lunch.”

“You know Ren’s going to want you to pace yourself this summer.  A couple drownings is normal.  Too many looks weird.  And we’ve got a priority target.”

“So what’s her name, Cal?”


“Listen, Calder.  As a rule, falling in love with your prey is a mistake.”

“Is that right?  It’s a rule?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“And you think I’m falling in love?”

“I’m not sure yet.  But I will be watching.”

“Are you going to tell Ren and Lulah your thoughts on this?”

“Not on your life.”




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2 responses to “I Am Writing Dialogue

  1. Hey — I gave you a Kreativ Blogger Award. Love your blog. Check out my latest post for details.

  2. stephanie

    I agree, I love writing dialogue. It’s like opening a present, you just want to tear through it to see what it reveals. Dialogue and action are my favorites – as you know. But I hate, hate, hate writing about character’s thoughts and feelings. Probably because I hate to read it. Maybe I’m just shallow – give me talk and action!

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