Mad Scientist Experiments in P.O.V.

I recently finished my first venture into the world of middle grade fiction and was surprised to find myself in a comfortable place.  The writing came easy.  Fast.  Inspired.  I read it out loud to my critique group and was told it was the best thing I’ve written.  I was encouraged to show it to someone who actually wrote for children (see my post on diverse vs. specific writers critique groups).  So I did.  She loved it too!  But then she dropped the bomb.

Have you considered re-writing the whole thing in first person?

Groan.  The truth was, I had.  I just wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do.  But I couldn’t ignore the tug, especially now that she’d done the unthinkable and said it out loud in public.  Would it be better in first person?

So it’s time to get my test tubes ready for a little experimentation.  If you can’t find me this week, I’ll be in my mad scientist lab–cutting and pasting and sewing up the monster to see if it will speak.

What’s easier for you to write in?  First, Third, or something else altogther?


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One response to “Mad Scientist Experiments in P.O.V.

  1. LOL Don’t you HATE when they suggest something that you KNOW might be right, but you wanted to ignore it because it would be a lot of work?!

    I find them both “easy” (HAHA nothing about this is easy!) depending on the project. Same goes for present vs. past tense. It either fits or it doesn’t. The problem for me is actually when it feels like more than one thing could fit — then how do I choose? 😦

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