And It’s Official!

I mentioned before I was a finalist in Writer Unboxed’s search for an unpublished guest blogger.  Now for my BIG NEWS . . . (drum roll please) .  . . I didn’t get the #1 spot.

BUT!  They liked my work enough to keep me around as an “honorary guest blogger,” which means I get to write 2-3 posts per year for Writer Unboxed!  To put this in perspective, it’s kind of like getting a call from a Hollywood that you’ve been chosen to play a small, reoccuring role on your favorite t.v. show, maybe like the off-again-on-again geek girlfriend of one of the guys on The Big Bang Theory.  I mean, the stuff of fantasies, right?

AND I’m in amazing company.  Not only are the other finalists (and semi-finalists and quarter-finalists) superb writers and overall inspiring people, the regular contributors are crazy good.

Take this week, for example, with Donald Maass’ April 7th article on Inspiring Awe in your readers:

Any protagonist with strong opinions, deep convictions, tidal emotions and profound self-regard can transport us out of ourselves as effectively as a Nephilim-fighting nun. But again, it’s work. How to do it? Here are practical tools to help. Ready?

Answer the following questions and apply the answers in your current manuscript:

  • What happens in your story that makes your protagonist the most angry? Anticipate that anger three times in the story before the big event.
  • What does your protagonist believe beyond all else? Create a story event that forces him or her to accept the opposite.
  • What does your hero or heroine see about people that no one else does? Find three times when he or she will notice that thing at work.
  • Why does your protagonist’s life matter? At the moment when that’s most true, allow your protagonist to humbly grasp their importance to someone else or to the great scheme of things.

I’ve now got this printed off and taped to my wall!  Check out the full article here:  #mce_temp_url#

All in all, it’s pretty humbling to have been accepted.  I’ll try to do everyone proud!  Or at least make you smile.


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