Just Starting Out

Welcome to my first post!  I’m excited and nervous about starting this blog.  My plan is to memorialize my journey from struggling writer to published writer, but let’s be real.  Are writers ever not struggling?  Lately, my biggest struggle is weeding through all the writing advice I find online.  In particular, the advice that, to tighten up my writing, I should get rid of every “so,” “just,” “even,” “that,” “sort of,” and so on and so forth.  See www.heartla.com/tips2.htm

Generally speaking, it’s probably good advice.  But the balancing act for me is how I go about making the writing TIGHT without losing VOICE.  Sometimes I feel it’s those little innocuous words that give life to the narration.  Thus the dilemma.  The more I write, re-write, thrash, and trash my manuscript the more I come to realize that the trick is to be true to me.  If it feels right, it probably is.  If I can lose words and it feels even better, halleluia.


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